EDNA Bullet Stopping Drone

Urban gun violence in cities across the world is a serious issue for public safety agencies and disaster management organizations. This led us to the development of the EDNA drone, an aerial robotics solution designed to equip first responders in high-risk settings with lifesaving-edge tools for situational awareness and non-lethal conflict resolution.

The Internet of Things at Scale

There are several existing and novel wireless communications frameworks that can enable the IoT to scale with seamless interactions for users and devices. IoT will impact the lives of everyone who interacts with smart devices as simple as a mobile phone. This research hopes to fill the gap in the body of literature surrounding using current wireless communication technologies to grow and improve IoT at massive scale.

Ethics Policies in New South Wales

The government of New South Wales in Australia was the first to make data analytics legislation. The strategic plan hopes to create a national Big Data ecosystem in order to discover and take action based on the resources provided in new, diverse datasets.

Lying with Statistics

Whether this is about a toothpaste brand performing 23% better than another or a recent study claiming drinking 7 cups of coffee is correlated to a longer life span, we need to be more skeptical with how people present numbers.

Personality Harvesting and One's Right to Privacy

I believe in terms of data, regardless of the potential rejection to use a service or survey, transparency is the most important. Companies should be as transparent as possible with the data they collect and what they use it for. This means full disclosure on what data is collected and how it’s used on a user who has so much as interacted with a website.