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I love working with startups and helping early-stage companies increase their data knowledge and learn how to implement machine learning in their products. I understand cutting-edge machine learning strategy and how to take those AI aspirations and translate them to business impact.



I have a passion for using computer vision for image classification, including correctly classifying my dog as the pup he is. Check out the rest of my projects

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Getting started in Machine Learning can be extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out my favorite resources for learning data science.

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Check out some of the Academic papers I’ve written. Some papers cover general IoT and others discuss Ethics and Privacy.

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What does Focal Loss Mean for Training Neural Networks

Facebook’s AI Research Lab published a paper on what they call Focal Loss, a new loss function for improving Average Precision (AP) in single-stage object detectors. with highly imbalanced classes. Check out what that really means and how you can leverage this novel loss function.